Telecoms Networks Infrastructures General Trading and Supplier

  • Telecommunication’s and information technology system intregrator with core technology on telecommunication’s broadband equipment : BRAS, MSOAN, MSAN and GPON technology

  • General trading and supplier for telecommunication’s equipment and infrastructure

Our Competitive Advantages

Integrated Solutions

PT. Lokatara Abhinaya has the technical capabilities and experience in providing a full range of telecommunications infrastructures (broadband data, video, fiber optics and cellular network infrastructure), Civil Works and General trading and supplier for telecommunication's equipment

Experienced Management

PT. Lokatara Abhinaya has an experienced management team who has a proven track record more than 20 years of experience in telecommunications industry and Civil Works

Strong Technical Expertise

PT. Lokatara Abhinaya has a professional qualified, skilled and experienced team of engineers who have capabilities in designing, developing, implementing and maintaining hardware and software in the large scale network infrastructure and Civil Works enabling the company to respond swiftly to customer's requirements and provide value-added services

Track Record

We have carved a niche as an integration specialist for network infrastructure. our major projects include the provision of network infrastructure to Telkom Indonesia, Indosat and some Network Operator partnering with :

  • Ericsson Redback for BRAS System and Minilink Microwave Radio
  • Teledata for MSOAN, MSAN and GPON Technology
  • Tejas Networks India Ltd. for SDH, DWDM, METRO IP solution
  • CPE Solution with some vendor for IP Set Top Boxes, ADSL and GPON ONT

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Our Products and Solutions

  • Network Radius offers a cost-effective, flexible, and ISP-tailored RADIUS solution, with a commitment to large user base support, database optimization, and interoperability with various hardware and software, particularly Cisco products, while addressing the unique needs and challenges of ISPs.


  • The Ericsson Fronthaul 6000 offers purpose-built DWDM systems and high-capacity interfaces to support the evolving demands of 5G transport networks, emphasizing the need for increased capacity, connectivity, lower latency, and support for various deployment architectures.


  • ZTE’s data center solutions offer hardware infrastructure, software-defined networking and storage, cloud computing capabilities, security features, and management tools to create agile, scalable, and cost-effective data management environments.

We support ISPs around the globe