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Our Clients and Partners

Design, Execution and provision of telecom networks infrastructure.

PT Lokatara Abhinaya with their personal track record of providing design, execution product and service to telecom infrastructure is in a position to provide equipment nad service to the new telecom providers. as well as to existing ones. in particular, it focusesson providing to these telecom network infrastructure system which are designed to minimize technology obsolescence that is systems which are easily upgradeable as new technologie emerge. obsolescence prevention is a key concern of telecom networks infrastructure which need to utilized their large investment in equipment through successive generation of new technology. without incurring massive incremental expenditure. each time technology changes.

The Liberalization of service providers also spins off varius new service offering such as voice over Internet Protocol. internet content provision, application services provision and internet data Center.PT Lokatara Abhinaya understanding ofthe data network marketing allows the offering of competitive and latest state of the art solution to address these new oportunities. in addition, PT Lokatara Abhinaya is well positioned to offer value added software solution of these new service providers to help them complete in the deregulated environment.

Design and provision enterprise communication networks

PT Lokatara Abhinaya Design and builds enterprise communication networks which enable organization to communicate various types of information within and between organizations regardless of geographic scoop an enterprise communication networks is a system consisting of hardware and software which enableds a number of users each owning several types of communication equipment such as telephones, computer terminal, and facsimile machines. to transfer information to one another in a secure, reliable, and manageadble fashion. using device such as routers, switches, multiplexter and hubs. Information can be transmitted from one of the senders equipment to any number of the receivers equipment. via underlying transmission service such as coopper cables, fiber optics, microwaves and satelites. these system are also used to provide the connections required by multimedia apllication. the key considerations for the design of a network include efficiency, reliability, security, flexibility and obsolencence prevention.


PT Lokatara Abhinaya has the technical capabiliies and experience in providing a full range of telecommunication infrastructure (Broadband data, video, fiber optic, adn celullar network infrastructure), civil works and general trading for telecommunication equipments

PT Lokatara Abhinaya has a professional qualified , skilled, and experience team of engginers who have capabilities in designing, developing, implementing, dan maintening hardware and software in large scale network infrastructure and civil works enabling the companny to respond swiftly to customers requirements and provide the value added services.

PT Lokatara Abhinaya has experienced management team who has a proven track record more than 20 years of experience in telecommunication industries and civil works.

We Have carved a niche as an integration specialist for network infrastructur. our major project include the provision of networks infrastructure to telkom indonesia. indosat and some network operator partnering with :

- Ericsson Redback for BRAS System and Minilink Microwave Radio
- Teledata for MSOAN, MSAN and GPON Technology
- Tejas Networks India Ltd. for SDH, DWDM, Metro IP Solution
- CPE Solution with some vendor for IP set top boxes, ADSL and GPON ONT.
- Network Radius for AAA
- Aptillo For Captive Portal


PT Lokatara Abhinaya a private limited company founded on 2007.

Our Main Focus

Telecommunications and information technology system integrator with core Technology on Telecommunications Broadband Networks.

- BRAS System
- WAG System
- RADIUS System
- DNS Whitelisting System
- Monitoring System
- Captive Portal System
- DNS Blacklisting System
- Server Hyperconverged, Hyperscale RSD, OCP
- Storage JBOD, Storage server, Storage appliance
- Networking Bare metal Switch, Ethernet Switch (1G, 10G, 40G, 100G)

General trading and suplier for telecommunications equipment and infrastructure.

Our Mission

PT Lokatara Abhinaya's Mission is to provide innovative solution to customers as our first priority, our motto is the solution not just another solution. Though global leadership and quality products and services that value added to telecomunications infrastructure for broadband network and solution. We aim to archive best services and solution excellence, increasing the benefit of bussiness partnership with our partner and customers.

  • Total Commitment to providing customer satisfaction.
  • Conducting our bussniness with professionalism and integrity.
  • Excellence in quality, efficiency, innovation, and reliability.
  • Our Employee are out of most valuable assets. we are commited to their empowerment in a environment of openness and mutual trust.
  • Caring for the environment.
  • Providing safe and healthy working conditions.
These service provider and enterprise networks are sold by PT Lokatara Abhinaya in two ways.
  1. Project sales made entirely by PT Lokatara Abhinaya's own sales force to its customers.
  2. Teaming arrangements with major computer acompanies of system houses in wich PT Lokatara Abhinaya plays the role of spesialist subcontractor for the communications and networking part of a large project. the teaming arragements that PT Lokatara Abhinaya Participates in vary from project to project on a case by case basis.


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